Your Space


The Your Space project began at the end of 2011, when our long-standing client Cambridge University Press (CUP) asked us whether we could expand the ideas we had developed for the Interactive site and build a site that incorporated a 3D environment for young learners studying their popular Your Space course. We jumped at the chance and set about brainstorming what the 3D world should contain and how it would interact with the learning activities on the Your Space site.

As well as the 3D environment, the site requirements included: an access control system to enable CUP to create and distribute user access codes; integrated analytics and a simple Learning Management System that could track learner’s scores and interoperate with CUP’s SCORM-compliant learning activities.


The solution: 3 virtual worlds

The Your Space site’s content-management requirements were addressed using our proven combination marrying the open source Joomla CMS, our custom access control system and the lightweight LMS we developed for the Interactive site. The greater challenge was the design and delivery of the 3D environments.

After trying dozens of different 3D concepts the BC team settled on the notion of three virtual worlds – each one corresponding to a different level of the Your Space course. Each world has 10 ‘unit faces’, mirroring the content and structure of each 10 unit course level, and a ‘landing zone’ at its ‘North pole’ and a hidden platform and secret gadget at its ‘South pole’.

Each unit face can only be unlocked once the learning activities for that particular unit in the ‘Student Zone’ have been completed. In addition some units require the learner to complete a grammar or vocabulary game before they can access the unit face’s content. Once unlocked, the empty unit face reveals its default state: a themed environment which the learner can populate with animated 3D items by collecting or earning credits using the in-world games and activities.

Elsewhere in the Your Space site, students can launch their activities; play games; listen to and download workbook audio files and monitor their progress via a set of score-screens. In the Your Space Teacher Zone, teachers can download a wealth of audio, video and classroom-ready print resources.

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