Supporting Physics Teaching Resources


Promoting better Physics teaching

For the past five and a half years we’ve been working closely with the Institute of Physics (IoP), designing and developing a range of Flash-based and, more recently, HTML5-powered interactive resources for the Supporting Physics Teaching (SPT) initiative, a national programme that provides training to ‘specialist and non-specialist teachers who teach physics in the early years of secondary education’. The materials are distributed by IoP’s Physics Teacher Network and via their site.

The core resources cover over a dozen topics such as Energy, Earth in SpaceForces, Radiations and Sound – presented in three parallel strands: a Physics Narrative, Teaching and Learning issues and Teaching Approaches.


Framing & explaining concepts

Each of the interactive resources has a ‘pane by pane’ structure that enables trainees to get an overview of the relationships between key concepts and while also being free to zoom in on a particular pane and view diagrams, test assumptions, try out interactive simulations and much more.

Excellent range of strategies… new ideas I was not aware of. Good resources…

SPT workshops

The next release of the interactive SPT resources will be launched via a new edition of the Supporting Physics Teaching website.