Is a word game? Is it a drawing game? No, it’s Squibbitt: a unique hybrid puzzle game brought to you by Graphicles and developed by our very own BC app development team! Squibbitt is all about lateral thinking: turn ‘squiggles’ into completed drawings and then use randomly allocated letters to name it, to earn points. It’s an off-beat puzzle game that should appeal to fans of games like Pictionary and Scrabble.

Graphicles approached us with the concept and artwork for Squibbitt, looking for a development team who could help them realise their unusual game idea as an iOS app for iPhone and iPad. Our team are highly experienced in both iOS and Android development, having worked on many other projects of a similar nature and we worked closely with Graphicles to refine the app’s user interface. Despite a challenging timeline for the project, the team quickly translated Graphicles’ concepts into a very compelling and addictive game.

Squibbitt was released in the iTunes App Store  in September 2013. A multi-player version of the app is in development and scheduled for release later this year.

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