Plus ça change

Cambridge University Press (CUP), in association with le Conférence Intercantonale de l’Instruction Publique de la Suisse romande et du Tessin (CIIP), contacted BC in early 2011 about developing a website to attract and engage young, first-time learners of English in Switzerland. The site needed to provide access to a wide range of digital and print-based student and teacher resources based on the content of the highly successful More! course. Access to More’s teacher resources needed to be carefully controlled via a bespoke access control system. At the time CUP contacted us there was just over two months to take the site from concept to completion.


Jeux sans frontières

The BC design team began by developing a colourful ‘cutout’ graphic style that would appeal to the pre-teen target audience and also make a virtue of the disparate graphical styles of the games, activities and learning resources featured on the site. We proposed that the More! site be developed using the immensely popular and user-friendly  Joomla open source CMS to allow CUP’s staff to administer the large sets of learning materials and teacher resources. We extended the CMS with a custom version of the access control system we developed for CUP’s Interactive site, to allow registration to be limited to people who had bought More! courseware. As the project developed, additional types of activities were commissioned, including text and audio ‘sound grids’, karaoke clips for specially commissioned songs as well as a range of teaching resources.

What a truly fantastic site you have created! Great content, great functionality, colourful, really fun, age-appropriate… and …perfect!

The kind words above were written by Ben Graham, Publishing Manager at Cambridge Learning Adaptation Unit following the official launch of the More! site. The recently commissioned More! 8e full edition is scheduled to go live in early Summer 2014, with a raft of new HTML5 activities, games and teacher resources.

I can’t praise the entire Believe Creative team enough for the quality of their work and their professionalism. They produced a fantastic product, which was completed and launched a full 2 days early! BC have been creative, communicative, pro-active and enthusiastic in their approach and have been a joy to work with. I would whole-heartedly recommend Believe Creative as a supplier and would not hesitate to work with them again.

Diane Cranz, Digital Project Manager
Cambridge University Press

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