Kid’s Box Games


Following the success of our English in Mind HTML5 games our long-standing client Cambridge University Press came to us with a very welcome request: to develop a set of HTML5-powered word games for their Kid’s Box English language course for primary school students learning English as a foreign language.

The games had to satisfy a stringent set of pedagogical  aims; be fun and engaging for the target audience and, of course, be playable across the full range of devices from desktop to mobile. Our design and development teams came up with a diverse selection of games concepts from which the Press then selected their favourites.

As well as developing the games, we created a game editing tool to allow the Cambridge team to edit and create new instances of the games with completely different content. This editor was merged into our games framework with which to rollout game concepts that work across devices.

The games, which we integrated with the Cambridge LMS are: Apple Drop, Whacker and Word Snap.