Jura LMS – UI and UX


We’re proud to be providing ongoing design consultation to Macmillan Education¬†for the user interface of their ‘Jura’ Learning Management System (LMS). Jura is a new Macmillan platform for the delivery of online English language teaching courses.

Jura’s UI is clean, flat and minimal and uses a palette of desaturated tones and strategic Course-specific accent colours to highlight key content. Teachers and students can access their courses, grades and a host of supporting services.


The challenge: a fully responsive LMS

As one would expect from a modern Learning Management System, Jura is fully responsive, offering the same course content and administrative functionality on all devices, be they desktop PCs, tablets or mobile phones. Design challenges centered around extending Jura’s established information architecture while still offering the full range of functionality to all users – especially those on mobile devices.

Working closely with the Macmillan Education team and the lovely people at Berlin-based devbliss, Jura’s development team, we quickly iterated designs for the core pages and functionality and produced an online style guide for Jura’s UI, detailing how the key elements of the user interface respond to the varying resolutions of different devices. Taking a mobile first approach, we prioritised key content and functionality while using the additional screen real estate afforded by tablets and desktop machines to provide users with supporting information and controls.