In late 2010 Cambridge University Press (CUP) approached BC with a requirement for a content-managed site for their 4 level Interactive English course. The site, aimed at a global audience of secondary school English students, was conceived as a showcase for a range of games, activities and resources for students and teachers that would be rolled out in level-specific phases, following an initial pilot phase. Additionally the site needed a flexible access control system that would enable CUP to distribute access codes with printed and digital Interactive resources; a way to track the scores achieved by students using the site’s learning activities and site-wide analytics.


Interactive interpretations

We worked closely with Cambridge’s Digital Ops team to develop the visual style and editorial content of the site, drawing inspiration from the Interactive course books and adding our own imaginative twists to the presentation of the learning activities, games, score-tracking interfaces and libraries of teaching resources.

We created the Interactive site using the Joomla open source CMS, developing a custom access control system and a lightweight Learning Management System (LMS) that enabled CUP to integrate their own SCORM-complaint learning activities (created using an in-house system) into the site. Registered users follow their progress through the various levels via score screens where they receive feedback on their performance from characters drawn from the course materials.

When the opportunity arose to expand the brief, we proposed developing a comic creation application – a narrative-based learning tool that would give the site a unique selling point and provide a truly ‘interactive’ experience. As the scope of Comic Builder grew, it became a project in its own right and has since been integrated into other Cambridge sites such as the virtual world-driven Your Space site.

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