English in Mind Games


Pocketfuls of fun

We were hard at work on the English in Mind project when our pitch to develop a suite of HTML5 games for Cambridge University Press (CUP) was successful. The games were to make their debut on the on the English in Mind site, which is optimised for desktop and tablet use, and needed to be playable on all mobile devices. We pitched a series of game ideas to CUP from which they picked their top four: Duck Splat, Treasure HunterTumble and Word Waiter. Each game has its own unique charm and its own pedagogical goals and would go on to form the foundation of our games framework.

In Duck Splat the player spells out words by throwing water-filled balloons at rubber ducks in a fairground-style challenge. You have to race against the clock and points are awarded for accuracy.

Treasure Hunter is a sideways scrolling platform game in which you control an adventurous treasure-hunting heroine who has to retrieve ancient artefacts in the correct order to construct a sentence.

Tumble is a variant on the classic ‘word search’ game format: the letters of the words you find explode out of the ‘pack’ bringing the letters above tumbling down. Rack up points for speed and get even more by using the exploding letter blocks to hit the star coins dangling above.

It’s not easy being a Word Waiter, especially in this restaurant: you need quick reflexes to catch the right dishes on your tray so you can complete the tasty message-meals in time for your customers.